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Nutrition with awareness
offers wellness, balance and enjoyment
Holistic approach to Nutritional Support for conscious nurishment and de-automotisation of food consumption.

Make your own choices, reconnect to your body and taste food in its wholeness!

 Nutritional Support is provided on a one-to-one follow-up basis  


Here is a general pattern of nutrition sessions. This may change according to each person's needs.




Initial nutrition session- 1.5-2h

This first appointment is specially designed to assess individual nutritional needs and focus on main nutritional goals to be achieved. Dietetic support is provided in the form of behavioural changes as well as a diet regime of specific caloric and macro- & micro-nutrient content. An introduction to the meaning of nutrition awareness is made and it is evaluated for each person. The session can be accompanied by breathing techniques and deep relaxation as well as methods of increasing awareness and enjoyment while consuming food.



Follow-up nutrition sessions- 1-1.5h

Follow-up sessions are intended for monitoring the progress of each person as well as to deepen the understanding over nutritional awareness and reassess future needs. Weekly appointments are recommended for the first month, twice or three times a month for the second and third month, and monthly follow-up for longer term cases. The frequency is tailored according to each person's needs. Each appointment can be accompanied by breathing techniques and deep relaxation.



Individual sessions of deep relaxation, breathing and awareness techniques - 1h

Breath is used to feed and awaken our energy body (Prana), release blockages and free up our mind.. Deeply relaxed, you reconnect to your inner Self with full awareness. These sessions can be scheduled according to individual needs as part of nutritional support or independently.


Scientific nutrition support is provided for:



  • Weight loss and control

  • Lifestyle changes to improve health

  • Dietary meal planning

  • Pregnancy & Lactation

  • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

  • Hypertension- Dyslipidemia- Metabolic Syndrome

  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis

  • Nutrition disorders - Malnutrition

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Sports nutrition

  • Immune system and cancer

If you are interested please contact me for further information and prices. 



De-automatisation and deep awareness are the keys

to connecting with your inner-self...


This also applies to food consumption. Eating should be felt at its absolute wholeness and enjoyed! This way you can consciously make our own choice towards improved diet and health..



 Make healthy choices but still enjoy food... smell it... taste it with full awareness!  


Learn how to explore and observe your hunger and sensations related to food consumption...


'In moods of extreme desire be undisturbed'...

Stay unrippled.. find your cool centre in the cyclone of temptations around you' Osho


Discover the secret of de-automatisation! Deep alertness will help you uncover your individual food intake balance.


You will be able to see what is good for you, choose it in a conscious non-mechanical way and enjoy it!





Ancient traditions teach us that 'Food is God'
Drinking tea for Zen people is a ceremony... a Meditation!
Make a Meditation out of eating!
Food is divine, as is all...
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