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'Zen'... a word used to represent the One energy that runs through all of us and everything. Pure, without effort, peaceful



'Zem'... Earth, Land, Mother




About Stella






Lefkothea-Stella Kremmyda obtained her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Harokopio University in Athens, Greece, where she comes from (2001-2005). In 2006, she completed her Master of Science (MSc) in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Glasgow in Scotland (2005-2006). Stella obtained her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Nutritional Immunology and the role of omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish during pregnancy and fetal development, from the University of Southampton (UK) in July 2010 (2006-2010). After finishing her studies, she worked as a post-doc research fellow in the 1st Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic). Having gained rich experience from her academic years, Stella returned to Greece where she provides her knowledge during one-to-one nutrition follow-up.




Stella started practicing yoga at the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton (UK), during her PhD studies. At the Yoga Sanctuary, she attended seminars on deep relaxation, yoga breathing techniques, breathing, sound and Chakra (energy centre) meditation with her dear Yoga Guru Premananda (Steve Harrison). After this great initiation and inspiration with yoga, Stella visited Nepal where she followed yoga practice and meditation classes. Life brought her to Prague, where she stayed for one year and she experienced teaching yoga for the first time. Being in love with the Teaching, but still feeling that there is a greater depth to it, she returned back to the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton where she attended the 'Yoga Teacher Training Course and Advanced Studies' programme of 200 hours (IYN accredited) (2011-2012). During her stay at the Sanctuary, as a member of the Sangha, Stella took part in Satsang (spiritual sharing of the truth through words), teaching, meditation and kirtan-bhajan (devotional singing). Having finished her training she returned to her birth country, Greece, in order to conduct the essence of Yoga in a place she loves!



‘Being respectful to the teachings of my Yoga Teachers, I continue being a student and yoga practitioner. I develop my yoga journey in this growth, and inspire my students to do so too...’


 ‘I got inspired from my yoga experience and combined my nutrition skills with yoga and meditation techniques to develop a holistic approach to diet...’ Stella


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