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A few words about retreats at ZenZem


ZenZem house and garden is a space where free expression and any form of life manifestation can take place... We feel that this space is not ours but it is to be shared and to offer a home to friends, teachers and students, bringing them together and warming up the atmosphere in the spirit of togetherness. We are not a 'retreat centre'  as such, but more of a home to those who are looking to retreat and express their Art freely!


During retreats at ZenZem, guests are invited to take part not as separated individuals but as waves of one Ocean, a Sangha. Part of this living experience is seva (karma yoga or selfless action) where we all contribute by helping to prepare healthy meals and performing light tasks around the house and garden in the essence of oneness.



Here is a brief description of ZenZem space: It consists of two renovated traditional stone houses, one bigger and one smaller. They have a capacity of up to 9 people in a shared type of accommodation, with three bathrooms and two kitchens in total. Rooms are equipped with clean sheets and towels offering simplicity and relaxation. For larger groups, or if it is one's preference, the garden has space for 4-5 medium tents (please let us know if you intend to bring your tent).  In some occasions, depending on type of retreat and its demands, local accommodation facilities (rooms to let) may be arranged. Here are a few pictures of ZenZem accommodation facilities.



If you are a teacher or artist looking for a space to hold a retreat, day-event or workshop and feel that ZenZem might be the place, please be free to contact us!

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