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Update 2023-2024 :

Regular group yoga classes every week at ZenZem:

Evenings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.30 - 19.45 pm 

Morning: Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30 - 10.45 am

*** space is limited ***

please contact to reserve space and to confirm exact time and details of additional classes

Classes focus on:

Hatha Yoga with Free flow:


Experience Yoga practice with love, respect and inspiration. Classes teach you how to flow from one posture (asana) of Hatha Yoga to another, as well as the free pulse within each posture, awakening the spinal cord and enhancing life. Each student learns how to adjust the movement on an individual level so as to meet his/ her own body requirements. The practice strengthens and revitalises the body, promotes flexibility and softens the mind bringing you closer to your inner self and heart. Classes are accompanied by breathing techniques (pranayam) and deep relaxation (nyasa, nidra).



Healing Yoga for centering and mind stillness :


Based on free flow Yoga, classes initiate you to specific body postures, breathing and gaze techniques, which aim at centering the mind, resulting in mind stillness and silence. The movement is deep, however moderate, including also balancing postures, while paying attention to the detail of each movement and its sensation in the body.



Yoga for strengthening and balanced metabolism:


Being based on freedom during yoga practice, these classes include guided Yoga postures to activate, cleanse and balance the metabolic processes of the body (digestive, immune, hormonal systems). The movement becomes more technical, of moderate to dynamic intensity, including asana for core strength and muscle tone.



** Class level is always adjusted to the group needs (beginners, intermetiate , advanced)**



for class prices please contact us
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